Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Purry the Cat

As many of you know I am a BzzAgent, Recently I was invited to try the Hill's Science diet for older cats. Let me introduce you to Purry, she is my boyfriends cat and we are unsure of her age to be honest. He has had her for 9 years (she is a rescue kitty) She was already fully grown when he acquired her.  She is very friendly and loves to watch birds and squirrels.  In the past few months she has lost a lot of weight and was even throwing up for no reason, she seems to want to play less and lay around more. The vet said she is just getting old, that is why I am SO excited to try this product.  I will be monitoring her closely the next month and updating you on her progress.

Thursday, August 25, 2011



Easy-to-use tools to help keep your children safe from the dangers associated with social networking.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the TrueCare Bzz campaign. I think a lot of you share the sentiment that for our children growing up in the social media age it can be very scary for them and us. Not only do we have to worry about online bullying, but also predators and explicit websites. TrueCare allows you to very easily monitor your child's activities. Starting with great internet safety tips. Which will help you in setting your child's privacy settings on social media like Myspace and Facebook, how to start a dialog with your child as well as educational videos to watch with your children, and much more!

  Growing up my family was very poor, my parents worked hard but my father had a drinking problem and although he made very good money he always seemed to blow it. My mother also had weird ways of punishing us like cutting off all my hair or making me wear the same dress to school for a whole week straight so you can imagine the bullying i received!  School was hell! High School was the worse! I can still remember walking down the hall and having some big girl come hit me in the back of my head sending me and my books flying down the hall. All the taunting due to the clothes I wore. I never had what was in fashion, I never really cared outside of the bullying that I was different, but bullying can take a toll on your spirit. I tried to commit suicide when I was 13 years old due to a mixture of the hell that was school and my parents always fighting. I spent 2 months in a child's psych ward listening to my parents tell me how much money I was costing them. The main lesson I took for this experience was this. What happens today will have very little relevance in 5 years and nothing is worth trying to kill your self over.
I can only imagine how worse my school years would have been were people able to take pictures of me at school then post them on Facebook for everyone to laugh at and comment on!!  Add the fact that i did not date and graduated high school a virgin only made me stand out more.  I wonder would I still be here had social media been around then! Not that it was ALL bad now. I did get a reprieve in 9th grade, due to a "Freshman" day at my school where we all got to hang outside and have picnics and listen to music. That is where my school learned I could dance! It was so much fun and those same girls that just a few weeks before had been smacking me around were now shaking my hand and apologizing. I still caught hell from a few but it was not nearly as bad as before.

I was also molested as a young child more than once, which anyone that as went though that knows the damage is never healed. You just learn ways to deal and not have it effect your day to day life. This to took a long time to understand. Forgiveness is hard to give when the crime is unforgivable. 

 I wish I could tell you I regret the things that happened to me due to my parents lack of interest in my life but I do not, It has made me the strong caring compassionate woman I am today. It has allowed me to be able to help other young people that are experiencing the same things I did. When you have been through it to children are more prone to open up to you.  

 Of course I do not recommend not being interested in your child's life with the recent wave of teen suicides I can safely say that not all end up as I did. Through my Bzz Agent campaign I am able to offer you a free trial to TrueCare. I highly recommend that you give this program a try. After the trial it is only $4.99 a month well worth the well being of your child. (Did i just try to mom guilt you? Think I did! :P)
Do not look at this as spying it IS your DUTY as a parent to make sure your children are safe. They can have all the privacy they want once they move out on their own!  DO not leave the safety and sanity of your children in the hands of the school or media or the TV, Take control back, you will never regret it. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I apologize for any typo's as many of you knwo I am not the best typist in the world but I do try! :)


**I am a Bzz Agent and received the TrueCare trial as part of a campaign for them.**

*EDIT: I have no idea why the first of the blog is white blocked like it is. I hope this does not effect your reading of it!*

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Care package Giveaway!!

YAY for 2,000 fans!!  To celebrate this milestone I will be giving away 2 care packages LIKE the ones pictured below **  THIS IS NOT A PIC OF THE ACTUAL PACKAGES!! this is some I made for my niece and nephew ones shipped will be similar!!!**  Drawing open until 8-21-2011 Winner will be announced 8-22-2011

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