Monday, October 31, 2011

*RARE* Borden Milk coupon!

Look under Zip Code: 77380

$1.00 off any 4-Pack of Welch's Fruit Fizz

Exorcist - The Beginning (Widescreen Edition) (2004) $2.99 SHIPPED!!

Exorcist - The Beginning (Widescreen Edition)

Some are as low a a PENNY! $2.98 shipping so $2.99 total!
I just watched the first Exorcist last night! lol        

Who needs some "ME" time? Check out Cafe Mom!

CafeMom is an online community where millions of moms meet each day to talk, share advice, make new friends, and play games. It's fun, it's free and for moms only!

Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel *NEW* TV Dairy! *NEW*

Man it just keeps getting better and better with these guys!
I am SO sad it is NOT available in MY area!
Not only are they doing the TV Diary in which 
they pay you $30 to keep track of what you watch on TV!
But several of my fans were chosen for it as well!
There is also a internet usage diary!
they will also send you surveys in the mail with the CASH for taking it
Right in the envelope!!
SO many options for you to make a little extra cash for Christmas!!
Go HERE to see if they are available in YOUR area!!
like the TV diary are RANDOM and NOT open to everyone!!


$0.40 off one package of No Yolks

2 new Ziplock coupons! bags/containers!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of the month!! Grab the coupons you need before they are gone!!

It is almost that time again!
Time for alot of the coupons to be taken down 
and NEW ones put up!
What I like to do at the end of the month is print 
coupons for things i LIKE or BUY then wait for a sale!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

$2/1 Butterball Ready to carve Turkey Breast!!!

Perfect for single people like me! LOL
Or to make great sandwiches!       

FREE!! Glade Sense and Spray at CVS! **coupon gone**


Starting 11/6  at CVS 
There will be a ECB deal if you spend $12 on Glade products,
You will get $4 in ECB's!!
 Glade Sense and spray will be 2/$6.00

Buy 4 for $12 
Pay $4 out of pocket 
get back $4 in ECB's SO FREE

You can only print 2 of these per computer!!
If you do not have 2 computers try to get a friend or family member to print you 2!!

*HOT* Printable Scotch-Brite coupon to stack with walgreens coupon!!

Click HERE to print!!

I recommend printing this and waiting for them to go on sale!!
You can STACK this with a walgreens coupons
.50¢/1 Scotch-Brite 3 pack coupon in November's coupon book!

This should lead to some really cheap maybe even free sponges!!

Thanks Wild for Wags!

Nestle Nesquik at Walmart, Only $0.38!

Who does not love Chocolate milk??
I got this deal last week they were $1.00 at my walmart
So I paid 40¢ which is still a steal!!
7 servings in each pouch!!

Nestle Nesquick pouch reg 98¢
Use .60¢/1 Nesquick powder ANY!! from SS 10/16
Final price 38¢

You can also go HERE to print a 75¢ coupon!!
PLUS they have more candy coupons!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

CHEAP Sandals for everyone!! $2.70 SHIPPED!

So right now Totsy is having a BLOW OUT sale on sandals!! 
Plus you get FREE shipping with your first order!!
Right now children's sandals are only $3.00
Down for $50.00 in some case's!!!
Use code BACK2SCHOOL to save an additional 10%
This is such an awesome deal! 
Get a jump on summer!! 
Go HERE to sign up today!!

Adult women's $4.50 shipped!

80% off christmas decorations and MORE!! HauteLook

HauteLook has Christmas decoration on sale up to 80% off!! 
HauteLook is a online store that offers HUGE discounts on designer brands!
Do your friends like to shop Designer brands! 
Send them an Invite when they make their first purchase,
YOU get a $10 credit!!
So Sign up and take a look around! 
I "window shop" here every day looking to score cheap Christmas presents!
LOL I LOVE to get nice stuff cheap, not like my friends ever know!
(I will not receive this credit if you order as I am using my affiliate link. :)

And kids coats as low as $10!!
they have much sturdier ones for $20 I believe!

FREE $10 Credit to living Social!! ACT FAST!! First 20,000 ONLY!!

Go HERE and sign up first if you do not already have an acct!
Than go HERE and use code: Molly Cooper

If you are one of the first 20,000 you will get a credit for $10!!
It may take up to $14 days to get this credit!!

I just signed up myself today! This is a great site for finding local deals!!

Thanks! Slick Housewives!!

*GONE* FREE Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD!!

This will go SO FAST!!!
Limit on them daily!!

Safety FIRST!!!!

How many of you took The Lollipop Dare?
DO you realize how easily it REALLY COULD HAPPEN?
How many times a day do you click allow for a freebie on FB?
Do you ever bother to go back and delete the app??
How often to you go to a blog and click a link w/o even reading the blog post??
 I know for a FACT that this happens OFTEN! 
How can I tell?
Let me give you an example of what I have seen on MY own page!

Let's say I post a deal or freebie giving you instructions on how to do it,
Example: You can get xxxx FREE just go xxxx and sign up
USE CODE xxxx at check out!

GUESS what my first comments are on a post like this.
Comment 1: YOU NEED A CODE
 I could go on and on here! 

So basically what you are telling me is
 you do not bother to read before you click.
Do you guys NOT realize that not ALL blogger or freebie sites are legit?
I have seen fan pages on FB with like 12,000 fans
Yet all they post mainly is FAKE deals
It is almost like they work for some spam/bot company!!

What about playing GAMES on pages??
Such as Bingo or comment games Like I have often.
Do you ever check out the page first? Read comments from other fans?
Or do you just dive in and play.
I have played SO many games on my page
For the low price of a few free coupons 
I have your home address!!!!
Now as many of you know that win often 
I do NOT keep these addresses I print them then delete!
I used to keep them when I first started b/c my page was so small
and only a few played so I thought it best to keep them instead of ask every time.
As my page grew I abandoned this practice! 
Even someone meaning to do you or your family harm!
Then all they have to do is have a giveaway and BOOM 
You will give up your most personal info!!
Only Follow Bloggers you TRUST! 
That have shown them selves trustworthy!! 

NO freebie is worth having your ID stolen 
or WORSE!! 
I will help you anyway I can!!
If you have any questions please ASK ME!! 


FREE Vicks Vapor Drops At Walgreens!!

These are NOT available in ALL stores!
But if your store has them here is how you get them free!

Buy one for 99¢
Use one of the $1/ any one vics product coupon from 10/30 P&G insert
= FREE!!

Coupons will more than likely be adjusted down to .99
If there is a problem with the adjustment then

You can also do this:
Buy 4 at 2/$1.79
Plus one more for .99
use 4 of the $1/1 Vic coupons from 10/30 P&G 
.58 for all 5 or 12¢ each!!
Hurry thses coupons expire 11/30!!

$1 for 3 Glade items at CVS this week!!!

HOT new printables for Glade products came out today!!
This week if you spend $12 on Glade products at CVS
you get $4 in ECB's!!
(ECB= Extra Care Bucks You can spend at CVS like cash!)
There are many good scenarios  for this deal here is my favorite!

Buy One Glade sense and Spray for $5
Buy 2 Glade Plugins lasting impressions $5ea=$10 
Use the $4/1 Sense and spray from 9/25 SS
and 2 of the $3/1 coupons HERE
Pay $5 out of pocket 
Get back $4 in ECBS!! 

OR scroll through all the coupons here and grab the ones you want!!

$3.00 off Glade Lasting Impressions warmer

Friday, October 21, 2011

Up to $15 in coupons from Shoe Carnival!!

Ghiradelli Intense Dark Challenge *IWG*

Click Here!

Answer 10 short questions in the Ghirardelli® Intense Dark Challenge and you could win one of thousands of instant-win prizes and be entered to win a trip to San Fransico.

Food On The Table - easy meal planning Based on your local sales!!!

Try Food on the Table for FREE!
So this is really AWESOME for us couponers!!
This is an easy FREE meal planning guide,
Based on YOUR local stores sales!!
How cool is THAT!!
Not only can you find thousands of healthy recipes
But you will save money by knowing what is on sale!!
Way to simplify your shopping!!


Totsy is having a HUGE sale to celebrate their birthday!!
ALL first time orders get FREE shipping (always)
But thru 10/23 Existing customers get FREE SHIPPING
on any order over $40!
They have Hello Kitty on sale! 
as well as wall decors and SO MANY toys and clothes!!
DO not miss out on this if you have children
 to buy Christmas presents for!!
Go HERE to sign up today for FREE!!

Canvas People FREE 8x10 Or $55 of bigger items!!

I have been wanting to do this deal for some time now!
So I decided to order one of my sister that passed away.
I hope this deal last thru the week so I can get it!!
I think it is a great gift for my parents!
I believe shipping is $14!
This is a really nice gift for parents or grandparents!
Even your spouse!
You can use any picture!
if you want a bigger size they are also offering 
$55 off + FREE shipping!! WOW!!
Go HERE to check out the GREAT deal!!

Here is some pictures of some my friends got!!
Thanks SlopSwap!