Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sign up today for 30 day free trial! Blockbuster!!

Well I guess now that I have moved I should give this  a try!
any of you use it as opposed to netflix?
How do you like it?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Become an Ex - Free Plans to Quit Smoking!!!

I SO want to quit smoking! Can't wait
to check this out!!

Advertisement $500 Melissa & Doug Shopping Spree!!

Join American Family and
Be entered to win $500 Shopping spree
For Melissa and Dough toys!!

New offer from American Express!!

We live in the world of Plastic, 
There is no way of getting around this!
Here is a perfect way to get your teens ready
for the 'real world'
and it is TOTALLY FREE!
Some bonus's to this card are:
   * It's a safer way for teens to spend their money.
   * Lost or Stolen? you won't be responsible
 for fraudulent charges and AMEX will replace your funds.
    *No overspending. No risk of overdraft fees
and it can't impact your teens credit.
    *You choose when to add funds,
and you can track activity by accessing the card online.
  * There's an option to set-up alerts on the balance.
    *Teens can also track their balances either online or via text messages.
    *(PASS card also entitles your teen to have Roadside Assistance from AMEX.
Click Banner below to get started!!
(Looking for one your self?
I got mine!!  You can go HERE to get one!!)

$18 for $40 Worth of Scrapbook Supplies Plus!!

Go HERE to get yours!! 

Here is a deal for all my scrap book lovers!
Plum District has a Scrap dazzle voucher right now
$40 worth for only $18!!!
I do not Scrap book  I wish I had the time! lol
But I got it anyway for a friend that loves it
Makes a great gift don't you think?
Go HERE to get yours!
If you checkout with a Visa use 
code VISA10 to save 10%!!
(Code only works once!)

May not be applied to taxes & shipping
Voucher must be used in 1 transaction
May not be combined with other offers
FREE shipping on purchases of $50 or more
Limit 1 voucher per transaction
Expires 04/26/12

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FREE Coffee Mate Friday the 23rd!!

They are giving away 20,000 at 9am PST
which is 12 noon EST!! 
Check out the details HERE!
SADLY I will be on the road to VA 
at this time but I will schedule reminders!!

$11 in coupons AND enter to win 10,000 from right at home!

Not only do they have $11 in scrubbing bubbles, Windex 
and MORE coupons available right now
But you can enter to win a 10,000 
PLUS don't forget they give away prize packs every month 
to the first 3,000 (or so) 
Go HERE to sign up now and enter to WIN!
and print your coupons!! 

Your advice please??

SO Last year one of my best friends ever got married!
They are FAST approaching their one year anniversary!
I want to do something special for them but I need a little help!
Right now The Canva people have this special 
FREE 8x10 just pay shipping!
HELP! I narrowed it down to my top 3

Goldstar Events - Half-Price Tickets!!!

Goldstar's members get half-price tickets as a way to introduce new audiences to
 theater, concerts, comedy, and sporting events. 
Qualifying Cities: 
 Inland Empire 
Las Vegas 
Los Angeles 
Minneapolis-St. Paul 
New York 
Orange County 
San Diego 
San Francisco 
San Jose 
Washington, D.C.

**FREEBIE ALERT!* Free Diabetic Meter!!!

Qualify to receive a Diabetic meter in the color of your choice, and meal planning tools such as our recipe book, meal planner, blood sugar tracker, and more. Yours at no cost when you qualify

Monday, March 19, 2012

Learn to make a Quilt with Amy Gibson @ Craftsy!

Craftsy Block of the Month
The Craftsy Block of the Month is a completely free, year-long online class instructed by expert quilter, Amy Gibson. There are 12 installments, each one posted on the first day of every month. The first 10 months/installments teach our students two new exciting blocks (brand new designs or funky spins on traditional blocks). The last two months are dedicated to finishing the quilt. At the end of the class, our students will have full-size and one-of-a-kind quilts. Like all of our classes, students can view it whenever it’s convenient for them, and can watch them however many times they’d like. It’s filmed in high-definition, and it’s fully interactive---students can ask Amy questions as they go.

FREE Glade Oil Warmers at Dollar General!!

Use coupon below to get it FREE!!

$1.00 off Glade PlugIns Scented Oil warmer
Also a coupon for the oil!
$1.00 off Glade PlugIns Scented Oil refills

*HOT* DEAL!! 40 FREE prints just pay Shipping!! $2.95 (I believe!)

I am SO happy to offer you this deal!
I got this myself last year! 
Actually I will be getting again now as well!
The quality of the prints are amazing! 
Same as if you went to any drug store!
I would say better!
Plus you can just upload them from your computer!
I do not knwo about you but I hate trying to make a disc to take to a store!
40 Free Photo Prints - Plus Prints For Just 4¢ Each! Use Code: 4PRINT2012A at check out. 
New customers only, S&H not included. Offer applies to 4x6/4xD prints. 
Unlimited quantity of prints 1 use.

You can also get extra prints for only 4¢~~
40 Free Prints & 4 Cent Prints

Here is the set I got last year! My shipping was only $2.95!!
awe @ baby Lizzy! :D

WIN GIFT CARDS!!! 50 given away a DAY! Now till Easter!!

They have  hidden pictures of Easter Eggs around 
(every page is fair game!) and each one represents a sweet prize.
We’re going to give away FIFTY Gift Cards for brands like 
Victoria’s Secret, Target, Barnes & Noble, Stone Cold Creamery, 
Starbucks, Subway, CVS, Toys R Us, Dairy Queen, Amazon 
and more EVERY DAY until Easter.

Plus this is an awesome site!! 

Inspire your walls!!

Check out this AMAZING DEAL!
Are you planning to re-do a room this summer?
Do your kids rooms need a lil spruce up?
Right now on Plum District you can get a $40 voucher
to Inspire your walls for ONLY $20!
They have SO many styles to choose from!
You can preview the site before you buy as well!
I got this b/c soon my nephew will be getting his first place!
I think the skateboard ones will be perfect for him!
Go HERE to get yours!
If you check out with Visa use code
VISA10 to save 10% so only $18!!

Kids can play Fantage FREE!

Ok am I the only gamer chick on my page?
This game looks adorable! 
and for a limited time your kids can play
Let me knwo what you think!!

Just Fabulous

Get Star Styles for LESS!
A Lot are designed by the stars!!
I think I may be in trouble!
First day I signed up they gave me 50% off
of the $39.95 :D
Always FREE shipping!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

If you have or know someone with Sleep Apnea or other sleep disorders may want to check out this freebie!

So talking about sleeping problems the other day I realized alot of us have them!
Some very severe! You can print this coupon and take it and discuss it
with your Dr! I have known and cared for many people with
Sleep Apnea I KNOW how hard it can be getting
a GOOD nights sleep on the machine! :(

NUVIGIL is an FDA-approved prescription medicine used to improve
wakefulness in adults who experience excessive sleepiness (ES)
due to treated obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), shift work disorder (SWD), or narcolepsy.

Friday, March 16, 2012

*Giveaway* DailyWorth - Double Tax Refund up to $1000

I LOVE their emails!! 
I myself am trying SO hard to get my credit back on track!
Their emails are very helpful!!

 DailyWorth is a free daily personal finance email for women. 
They are giving away to 2 lucky readers a chance to 
DOUBLE their 2012 tax return. (Up to $1,000) 
It delivers practical tips, empowering ideas, and the occasional kick in the pants. 
DailyWorth tips cover self worth, net worth, saving, spending, 
earning, investing, taxes, entrepreneurship, financial feminism, and much more. 
More than ever, money matters to women. 
Women need to recognize their own self-worth and build their own wealth

*FREE ebook!* Brownie eBook

Hot! High Value $2/2 Glad Trash bag Printable Coupon! PLUS $1/1 Glad coupon!

These will go FAST
Use zip Code 22222
Look under house hold!
Expire 4/15

Suave Deodorant for 47¢ !!!

$0.50 off one Suave Everlasting Sunshine product
~WalMart Deal~
Suave Everlasting Sunshine Deodorant 97¢
Final Price: 47¢

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Acorn Points is back Enter to win $5,000 for you and a friend!!

Acorn Points is a new rewards/organizer program from
About me! (I use about me!)
Sign up and refer ONE friend
and you both are in the running to win 
$5,000 EACH!! 
Good Luck!!

Sign up to try AboutOne’s new AcornPoints rewards program, FREE online organizer and be entered to win

*Freebie Alert!!* Gardening Club - Free Magazine

Awesome! Almost that time of year!
Plus don't forget I will be posting 
gardening tips all spring/summer!
after you sign up for your FREE magazine,
they give you the OPTION to get a year subscription
for ONLY a $1!! 
You can decline no worries!!

Pre-Schedule Happy Birthday Facebook Wall Posts!!

I use this myself it is GREAT!!
So here is an awesome app!!
You can schedule a message to post on your friends wall for their birthday!!
I think this is GREAT b/c with all the fB changes
I do not always see the notice for peoples birthdays LOL!
 I just signed up and scheduled my first post!
ONE app I do not mind posting as me :P
Let me knwo what you think of it guys!! 

Travel’s Cheap! Go Out & Explore!

Check out this awesome travel newsletter!
Summer is almost here with a little planning
and bargain hunting everyone may be able to take even a short trip!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Déjà vu Why do all bloggers post the same thing all the time?

Ever look at your Facebook feed and  all you see
is the same deals posted over and over,
Just by different bloggers?
Or maybe your favorite blogger posts
the same deal several times 
a day,week month? 
I know I do! 
But like everything in life,
there IS a reason behind the madness!
I can say personally that some of you guys 
are online almost all day! Same as me!
which means you rarely miss a deal!
You are also the ones that sees the most repeats!
But what about people that can only get on a few times a week?
Maybe even once a week? I mean people are busy!
If I post an awesome deal on Monday and Monday only,
where does that leave the fan that can only log on the weekend?
If I only post deals in the morning or day time,
Where does that leave the fans that work first shift?
and can only get online at night?
Some people are actually choosy about how many
and who they follow on FB. So if I see a sample go live,
Am I not to post it and assume you see it on all the other pages?
This is a really tough act to balance for ALL bloggers!
I try really hard to space stuff out!
Any suggestions/pointers WELCOME!!
You have to realize that for me atleast, 
I post as if you only follow my page!
even KNOWING that is not true for anyone! LOL!
I hope this helps you understand a little more 
why you see the same deals so much!
NOW I am not saying go unlike a bunch of pages,
(especially ME LMAO!)
But I do suggest grouping your favorite pages together,
and ensuring they are always visible to you!
My friend Ashley over at 
Become A Coupon Queen
wrote of a great HOW-TO for
making lists and making sure you always see posts
from your favorite bloggers!
Go HERE to learn how to do this!

Thanks for being a fan of my page!
and a part of my life!
I will be writing more and more after I move!

FREE Pre-paid American Express card! I got mine!!

OK Let's talk money! 
Are you like me and do not have a bank acct?
Do you wish  for an easier way to pay your bills online?
DO you want a way to help teach your children the value of money?
To help your children learn money management?
Have you ever passed up on a Freebie 
b/c it required a CC# to verify you are a REAL PERSON?
Sadly this is sometimes a fact of the freebie world!
For me honestly it does NOT bother me for 2 reasons.
1. I have NEVER been charged for having to 
use a CC to verify who I am!
and 2. b/c it helps to keep abuse down!
I mean seriously how many times have you went for a freebie,
and it is GONE like 2 seconds after going live?
Only to see people post I got 3 or 5 or what ever!
*grrr shakes fist*
Here is a perfect FREE solution to all of the above!
You are allowed THREE per house hold!
So enough for you and your children if you wish!
Great way to handle allowance and get them used to a debit card!
Or use it to pay bills online if you do not have a bank acct!
This is why I originally ordered mine, 
once I move I HOPE to be able to start 
a credit union acct and have a debit card!                  
SO for now I am keeping this card empty and using it online when 
I need to verify who I am by CC. B/c they can not take money not there!
No FEAR of EVER being charged!!! and still score your freebies 
from company's like NO more rack, and more!
(I have had to use CC several times to get a freebie BUT
I can not think of what sites it was right now! lol
I will update post when I do!) 
This is one FREEBIE I would not pass up on!
You never know when it will come in handy! 
ugh OK here let me share this embarrassment with you. . .
As you know I am moving so I have been calling around 
trying to get the best deal on cable/internet
Well I started with Direct TV b/c my ex has them now where we live 
and they are pretty awesome! 
GREAT customer loyalty programs and discounts!
So I am talking to the guy about what is available 
and then comes the dreaded
"Please give me your SS# so we can see what you QUALIFY for"
I was So scared!! You guys know what a nice person I am right?
Well i never even had a chance to have good credit
(For a TOTALLY FREE way to monitor your credit
That I myself use go HERE!)
Because at 18 I let several friends get 
their lights and phones in my name!
Needless to say I was stuck with the bills and i refused to pay!
SO for years and years I have been cash and carry only!
ANYWAY They ran my credit and it was OK!!
I qualified for all these FREE bonus's like free DVR
Free movie pack and so on. 
SO the guy is like we just need a credit/debit card 
put a hold of $1 against to secure this deal  . . . 
I of course had none and it would NOT take my serve card!!
I was devastated but thought 
ok I will go to walmart get one call you back!
The walmart card is a joke! $3 and $3 every time you load it!
But I got it and when i called back they ran my credit again 
This time I do NOT know what happened but all of a sudden 
I have to pay a $200 deposit!! Again DEVASTATED!
not having a card cost me a great deal! I am now with comcast 
I did not have to pay a deposit BUT 
my bill is TWICE as high as it would have been
with direct TV and I do not even get all the free stuff they offered!
Lesson Learned! lol As you can see below I myself have this card!
Yes you have to put in your SS# this is required now  for any type 
debit/credit or pre paid card since 9/11
To ensure terrorist do not have ways to transfer money!
But the site is SECURE! I mean its American express!
SO do not let this freebie pass you by!
You will never regret it and you have NOTHING to loose by getting it!!

My card!! WOOT!

This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking these links you are supporting Tigs Coupon corner. Questions? Contact me! or post to my Facebook Page! For a full disclosure click HERE.

Two free full-size samples of Crespo Olives!!!

~Click on the second slide that asks you to take a short survey.~ 
SHOWN ABOVE! NOT the sample box that cost money! lol
Click HERE to get yous!!

Free Sample of Arm & Hammer Advance White Toothpaste!!!

To claim simply copy and paste this address into your browser

Thank The Freebie Source!

FREE greeting card!! Shipped FREE!

First 25,000 Use Coupon Code: CCE2246

Toluna Opinions - Canda!!!

For residents of Canada!!

Test Products at home! Revlon coming up!!

Starting Monday 3/19 Toluna will have 
Revlon eye shadow available for product testing!
Spots for this survey company are limited!
SO get in now while you can and be ready!
Lots of great products coming up as well!
Some are low like this only 100 available
but others have more! 
They also have a lot of surveys!
and be entered to win $2,500 just by joining!
for US click banner below! 
Canada click HERE!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

*Target Deal!! Possible FREE Revlon Nail Polish

Check out these clearance Revlon nail polishes
My friend Ashley found! 
only $1.36 each!
Makes them FREE with new coupon!
Remember you can print it twice so 
4 new nail polished for spring
$3.00 off With purchase of two Revlon nail color

*FREE* stuff for BABY! Just pay shipping!

Go HERE to get your FREE $10 Credit!

Since I saw so many of you having trouble tonight
with teething babies, I thought I would check Vita cost,
and see what you could get with your FREE $10 credit!!
A fan suggested Hylands teething pills but they are out of stock of them!
I did find these though!
and if you go and search Teething, then pick 
Sort by low to high
you will see so much stuff you can get FREE!
including teethers!! So go have a look!
Let me know what you find!
Sign  up HERE to get your free $10 credit!
You will only have to pay shipping if you order $10 worth of stuff! 

Do you have an ebates acct?? If not You totally should!
SO FIRST use the link above to sign up for Vita cost and get your $10 credit!
Then come back to post and go HERE to sign up for ebates!
*If your new you get FREE $5 giftcard even!!*
Then search Vitacost you will get 8% CASH BACK!
It took me a while but I did get back $20 lat month from ebates!
and even though  it took a while, It was still money I did not have!! :)