Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Déjà vu Why do all bloggers post the same thing all the time?

Ever look at your Facebook feed and  all you see
is the same deals posted over and over,
Just by different bloggers?
Or maybe your favorite blogger posts
the same deal several times 
a day,week month? 
I know I do! 
But like everything in life,
there IS a reason behind the madness!
I can say personally that some of you guys 
are online almost all day! Same as me!
which means you rarely miss a deal!
You are also the ones that sees the most repeats!
But what about people that can only get on a few times a week?
Maybe even once a week? I mean people are busy!
If I post an awesome deal on Monday and Monday only,
where does that leave the fan that can only log on the weekend?
If I only post deals in the morning or day time,
Where does that leave the fans that work first shift?
and can only get online at night?
Some people are actually choosy about how many
and who they follow on FB. So if I see a sample go live,
Am I not to post it and assume you see it on all the other pages?
This is a really tough act to balance for ALL bloggers!
I try really hard to space stuff out!
Any suggestions/pointers WELCOME!!
You have to realize that for me atleast, 
I post as if you only follow my page!
even KNOWING that is not true for anyone! LOL!
I hope this helps you understand a little more 
why you see the same deals so much!
NOW I am not saying go unlike a bunch of pages,
(especially ME LMAO!)
But I do suggest grouping your favorite pages together,
and ensuring they are always visible to you!
My friend Ashley over at 
Become A Coupon Queen
wrote of a great HOW-TO for
making lists and making sure you always see posts
from your favorite bloggers!
Go HERE to learn how to do this!

Thanks for being a fan of my page!
and a part of my life!
I will be writing more and more after I move!

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