Tuesday, March 13, 2012

*FREE* stuff for BABY! Just pay shipping!

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Since I saw so many of you having trouble tonight
with teething babies, I thought I would check Vita cost,
and see what you could get with your FREE $10 credit!!
A fan suggested Hylands teething pills but they are out of stock of them!
I did find these though!
and if you go and search Teething, then pick 
Sort by low to high
you will see so much stuff you can get FREE!
including teethers!! So go have a look!
Let me know what you find!
Sign  up HERE to get your free $10 credit!
You will only have to pay shipping if you order $10 worth of stuff! 

Do you have an ebates acct?? If not You totally should!
SO FIRST use the link above to sign up for Vita cost and get your $10 credit!
Then come back to post and go HERE to sign up for ebates!
*If your new you get FREE $5 giftcard even!!*
Then search Vitacost you will get 8% CASH BACK!
It took me a while but I did get back $20 lat month from ebates!
and even though  it took a while, It was still money I did not have!! :)

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