Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sadden over response from giveaway winners!

SO I sent out emails to all the winners of my 
10K FAN appreciation giveaway 
and I am getting back replies like 
"I am sorry but what facebook page is this from?" 
NOW Since I know only my loyal fans actually pay attn. 
and respond to my posts, 
what do you guys think about this?  
Am I wrong to be sadden by this? 
I did say this was Tigs and you won my 10k giveaway btw.
This is even more upsetting as people 
that ARE active on my page did not win.
But I was fair and went by the name raffflecopter gave me
I mean I can not just pick my favorite people to win
That would be most unfair! You guys know 
I am fair and honest! Right now
I do not even want to reply to these emails!
I was already sad over my numbers dropping! 
SO many people only like pages to win stuff!
From now on my giveaways will be on my page.
With direct interaction with my fans.
Or through google docs. 
I also will be joining very few joint giveaways!
I LOVE giving out prizes and playing games on my FB,
Like bingo, comment games, scavenger hunts
stuff like that. I think this is really the way to go!
I want to reward people that actually participate on my page.
I care about you, about finding you the best deals,
helping you score freebies, all of that.
I am a person just like you, 
not some big business you never have any contact with!
So Is it  to much to ask that people actually know who Tig is?
Am I wrong and overreacting to be upset?
Would YOU want people winning a 
FAN APPRECIATION prize from you 
that did not even know who you were??
I hand picked these prizes! Paid for them out of my own pocket!
NONE were sponsored!
and I will pay the shipping! 
Give me your honest thoughts and opinions please!
Thank you,

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  1. Yes, this is why I DON'T like to do a lot of giveaways. It leads to "false" fans and followers. I'd much rather build my numbers slowly and have people who are truly my fans that know my site and me!

    I do understand why this would be heartbreaking for you in this situation. :( BUT those of us that know you, know that you are fair and know that you will do the right thing.

    Sorry that your true fans didn't actually win. :(

  2. That is very true. Another blogger mention they lost couple people also. A few of us said they only like just to win. once it is over they remove the blogger. I like games and etc. on f.b. I win more this way than off the raff. I keep everyone I like because it helps me with coupons and when I have questions I get answers. I stay on f.b. its easy to find me than on goggle.

  3. I love couponing!! I also love the opportunity to try and win something... yes they were rude to not even pay attention to your heading saying this was tigs and you won the 10k give away... I admit I'm not sure how I came across your page... but I enjoy it very much!! But when there is a giveaway and the only way to enter is by liking 10...15...20 some odd pages... its just hard to keep up with everyones pages.... I'm sorry things are not turning out the way you would like with the giveaways... I do appreciate all the info u give... I hope things turn around with the giveaways...

  4. oh gosh adn im on the opposite side.. I am new to all this and started entering contests because i was learning so much. I did choose 5 blogs to join and i was told i won a coach purse! gosh was i so excited, but i never received the purse. I emailed Midgetmoma one time, a second time and now three months later what do i do? I think its completely unfair to say your having a this contest and then when someone wins and gets so excited to FINALLY win something nice after losing a job, car etc.. nothing! what a shame and shame on those that do this. I think there are soooo many blogs and opportunites out there that you get caught up in it. It is addicting and fun and how do you choose whom to follow or in your shoes, whom and the loyal followers? What a mess......... and i hope someday this woman gets her payback for doing this to me.. or anyone else.. If she wanted to pick someone she knew she should have never told me i won. im really really sad about it.. but i haven't entered another contest since ithink thats a waste of time since you don't know who is real or who is fake. So maybe from this you will see there are two sides to everything that happens.

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    2. Sharon- This is MidgetMomma I sent your prize and I forgot a number in your zip code and it was returned to me. I had to resend it and it should be to you no later then monday. If you do not receive it PLEASE let me know. It will be arriving by UPS so you will need to be home to get it :) I would never NOT send someone a prize, my fans are VERY important to me. I am sorry for the delay in you getting your prize, the giveaway ended 6 weeks ago and then the time it took to be mailed and then returned to me and then reshipped is longer then even I would like :) But please email me once it arrives so that i do know you get it :)

  5. Sooo sorry tigs :( I think your awesome! I love how you give us the deals but you have become more of a friend :) I was so excited to share my old navy deal with you and the others that I made my hubby and son wait till I got my phone out and posted.haha My son said can't it wait? My answer NO! Haha You have saved me lots of $$$. Best buddy is always asking me where I get my deals and I tell her to join your page. Keep being you we luv ya!

  6. I am relatively new to Tigs and actually came here from another bloggers site that hosted a Rafflecopter giveaway. I "liked" and "voted" and added to my Twitter...didn't win anything and don't even remember which giveaway it was! However, I have stopped participating in the Rafflecopter giveaways because I got overwhelmed with so many posts on my FB and Twitter from people that I only saw when they had other Rafflecopter stuff. I don't like Rafflecopter because of these exorbitant requirements.
    I stayed a fan of Tigs because you keep things interesting, I enjoy reading your posts and your enthusiasm for saving money and hints and tips kept my interest.
    You have one of the few couponing/saving sites that do this.
    Don't be sad that you have lost numbers. They may look good but that's all they are, numbers...not fans.

  7. Tigs,
    Do your rules in your sweeps say that they have to be a 'liker' of your page to qualify to win? There's a good option to add.

  8. Thank you guys for all your positive feed back! It truly made me feel so much better! My blog is almost a year old and I have never had this type of response from winners!

  9. Oh Tig! I am so sorry you are getting responses back like that! I would be very hurt if I was in your shoes. You are not over reacting. I don't know how you should handle the people that won even though they haven't been fans for very long. I have been a fan for a while now. I also follow a lot of blogs but I would know who you were if you said your name is Tig! Plus how hard is it to do a search for yourself just by putting tig in the search bar I could find you! I think people are just lazy and just like pages to win prizes. I know I like to win but I don't enter just any giveaway!

    I think the idea to just do giveaways on your blog just for fans or on FB is a great idea.
    I hope you feel better soon. It just really sucks to be upset when you are supposed to be celebrating how many fans you have!

  10. I think you are absolutely right!

  11. Tigs I'd be upset too! Come on, you'd think they'd at least be polite enough to ACT like they know who you are! I've stopped entering as many of the ones where you have to like pages,anyway, because I feel like I'm missing things with too much on my page. I do try to at least give pages I've liked for a giveaway a chance.

    If it makes you feel any better, I liked your page because of a giveaway and I enjoy it and am still here.:)

  12. I truely agree with having more interaction on Facebook rather than giveaways. I have to admit a few months ago I was just entering giveaways for the prizes. In doing so though I've found great blogs that I follow and try to read daily. I really enjoy the facebook games because for me they're a tension reliever. I don't blame you for feeling bad, I completely understand and would be upset too. That just goes to show that you are a person behind the blog. Thank you for your time and efforts on your posts, giveaways, and your games. We do truly appreciate it.

  13. Considering I follow you, but never even register to win any prizes, I do think its sad. I appreciate all of your hard work because I don't have time to do what you do. Thanks for being you and don't let the "fakers" bring you down!

  14. Oh, my goodness! I am speechless at the reactions you got. I don't know the blogging process but for YOU of all people to go through such an experience is unbelievable!! So sorry this has happened. You are by far the best page that I follow, one of the few that I keep a page open just to make sure I don't miss anything on my news feed. Don't let these people get you down!!! =)

  15. Same thing happened with my pillow giveaway, I had so many "fans" unlike my page after they signed up...very depressing, but at least one of my fans won it

  16. Awww!! I enjoy you and your page! Also, I enjoy reading your posts and blog because it helps to see that not everyone on facebook is having a "storybook" life. I for one have not had the best of luck in life, so I love that you are honest and share your story with us and interact like a real person ;o)

  17. This is totally horrible, if it was me I'd feel just awful that people who entered a contest I was hosting didn't even know who I was.. which is how you feel and you have every right to feel that way.
    An idea is.. although time consuming would be to verify every entry the ones who said this to you hit the big ol green checkmark on. If it doesn't pan out.. pick a new one? Perhaps up to you just an idea.
    Terribly sorry this even happened to you though. D: