Friday, April 22, 2011

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

WalMart Save money? Be harassed doing it!

Let me start this post not on my experience tonight , but one a few weeks ago that ties into my experience tonight!  As alot of you know Millstone coffee had put out a money making coupon a few months back, I happen to get my hands on some right before they expired.  They were $2 off ANY bagged coffee. So of course  i go get some of  the smallest bags which cost $1.64 each. I asked the lady @ the customer desk before i even tried to shop after some discussion they agreed it was ok. SO i get my coffee and other items and head to check out. As soon as i pay the STORE MANAGER and his asst manager come running over with THEIR coupon policy in hand saying we have to void this transaction that no where does it say WalMart will pay overage. I politely say may i see that please? I find on there where it says it and show them. "O we didn't see it" Knowing they had probably been discussing it the whole time I was shopping, but I let it go.

2 weeks after that I go into wal mart with a few money making similac coupons. I had planned to buy 5 cans for the overage and then donate them to a local church. Again the asst mngr comes over and tries to tell me I can not do that after a little discussion they allow it.  Yet she is fussing and talking under her breath the whole time.

This brings us to tonight. Now In the past month I have cut down my walmart shopping b/c I hate the hassle. But I had those $2 bic coupons that would make me money and had seen on other blogs a few good deals/money makers at wal mart this week such as. . .  The Heinz coupon Heinz gave us this week for $2 off ANY ( i bought the $1.60 size) The Reach floss coupons $1 off ANY (I bought 88¢ size) and of course my $2 off ANY bic disposable razor excludes trail size.

I get to check out with my things ( i have about a half a cart full) I ask the lady to give me one sec to get coupons on top the items so there would be NO problems this time as I am harnessed EVERY TIME I try to use coupons here. Now let us all keep in mind that walmart is a big company, they have very sophisticated registers that not only will BEEP when you try to use the wrong coupon but it will print a lil note stating why you can not use this coupon. Now I was unsure of the bic razor coupons even though it said NO WHERE on them that they were trail or travel size. SO I saved that for last and asked the cashier to scan one then a coupon to see if it was OK. It went thru! Which i knew it would. yet she STILL calls over the SAME asst manager who proceeds to tell me none to quietly that Walmart WILL NOT PAY ME OVERAGE and I have to BUY A MORE EXPENSIVE ONE LIKE THE PICTURE ON THE COUPON. I ask her " are you going to go by the picture or what the coupon actually says and that it rang thru. So she reads the coupon and it stated $2 off ANY Bic disposable razor excludes trail size. I tell her I looked all over the razor package and it says no where that it is trail size. I was SO upset that i have to go thru this EVERY TIME i shop there. And that every time they are RUDE to me and embarrass me like I am trying to ROB them! I DID NOT make up this coupon Policy WA MART did!! So i ask YOU WAL MART how can you have a coupon or any policy that not even the managers that RUN your stores know?  All the money you make and you can not even take the time to TRAIN your OWN employees?? I am DONE with you wal mart!  I have a very VERY nice publix 30 mins from me that not only doubles my coupons but  takes everyone I bring in the store. and does it with a smile! I am a HONEST couponer! I never try to use a coupon for anything other than what it says!!  Every coupon you are given is cash to you! You get the money back PLUS a handling fee!  Wal mart needs to decide do they really want to make money or not! They have already dropped down from being #1 lowest priced and that is only the beginning if you continue to have uneducated employee's that do not know your store policy!

Alot of people accept this treatment as normal now! But I will NOT! I know what it is like to go to a store that values you being their and CHOOSING to spend your money with them! Let us all stand up to this type of treatment! It will only continue as long as WE allow it!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Use zip 90210 and try  24060 and even your own zip! Lots of new coupons available for May!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who says there is no fresh meat coupons?

Click HERE to go to and print off coupons for  Foster Farms Chicken! $1 off one pack $2.50 off 2!!! Awesome!! Remember you can print 2!! I used ZIP CODE 90210

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lots of FREE stuff from Vista Print!

I just ordered my "business cards" from Vista Print for FREE 250 of them LOL! I also got 100 post cards, 10 happy birthday cards, and a neat pen ALL for FREE! Just pay shipping and handling! Also avaliable free tote bags, trick or treat bags, T-shirts! I'm not sure what the limit is but I got 4 things! for $10 shipping!

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Kellogg's printable coupons! $5-10 in savings!

500 fan GIVEAWAY!!

Seems I have reached 500 fans today! (although I am sure it will still fluctuate  for a while :P) So i decided to have a little give away and do this one a little different so more people can enter!! ALL you have to do is comment!


1. Comment below!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tornado Alley?

WOW! Today was definitely a day to remember.
  Living in OKC for the past few years before I moved here to AL, I thought I had seen some bad tornado's. Hell summer before last more than one row of apartments were shredded in the same complex I lived in. I of course slept through this none the wiser :O
 Today was one for the books.  I did not really watch the news b/c it seems we get tornado warnings here alot so when my b/f called saying it was going to get bad today I really did not stress over it. That was until he got home and turned on the news! Man this tornado cloud today was SO BIG! I could not believe what I was seeing on tv. I was like is THAT coming here? My b/f is like No its going to the north of us. I was like Ok that's OK. I do not know the surrounding area here very well at all but suddenly the weather guy was mentioning the few county's i do know including my own. I got really nervous! The sky was getting darker by  the minute! I ran outside to check the clouds they were moving SO fast! I went inside and the weather man was saying that they had confirmed touchdown! The tornado was on the ground. omgomgomgomg I go change into sturdier clothes, and start hunting flashlights even though it is like 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Right before the power goes out the last thing I hear the weather man talking about is that we now have TWO tornado's on the ground One JUST north of us the other JUST south. Now I thought could they merge RIGHT OVER ME and form a super tornado? Of course my man is like no way that will happen.

Now we live in a mobile home, it is a nice new mobile home on some land. BUT it is still a mobile home, which in cases of tornado's is one of the worse places to be. Now I have my own issues with trailers having grew up in not so nice ones. And I think to myself no way, No way am I going to die in this trailer! All of a sudden it starts to hail like really big loud hail, you cnt even see outside! I'm running around getting dressed, putting breakfast bars in my pocket, my b/f is like what are you doing?  "I will not die in this trailer!! If it keeps getting worse I am going to tie myself to a tree and have faith my adrenalin will see me thru! I just have to figure out how to save the cats to." He looks at me like I have lost my mind! Like "you cant be serious? It's much safer in here." NO WAY I say! No WAY! This thing will split in half will be nothing to hold onto! Atleast in the woods we have a shot. (There is a large amount of woods behind where we live.)  This goes back and forth for a few minutes I finally decide to all my bff and ask him, Well he is traveling today and did not answer the phone on the 4th try I finally left this message. "Matt If you were in a life and death situation (which I AM) and you had killer tornado's on either side of you (Which I DO) Would you A. Stay in a mobile home or B. Take your chances hugging a tree? Call me back asap You never know you could save a life today.
 Now my man looks at me and says that is a pretty messed up message to leave your friend to which i reply only if i die today and i will not die today. When Matt did call me back after all this was over he sided with my man, something about debris and such. But i tell you I  really think the woods woulda been better! My bff Matt also points out that this Tornado must be looking for me and since it could not find me in OK it decided to bring it's ass to AL. I told him that was funny b/c I remember when the news man said there was one above and below us I thought to myself thats right Mr. Tornado go around me b/c you do NOT want to mess with me!!  :)

   Finally the hail stops, the rain slows, and I think Great we made it! Now the power has been off this whole time, and Just when it was starting to calm down we get a phone call from his dad telling us there is another one headed right for us, that there will be a lull then another is coming but will be quicker passing. All I can think about is how many times I have seen on tv after something like this happens, How the homes look like collages made my little children, stuff thrown every where, and very few survivors.  We go outside during the lull, everything is so green and the smell in the air is crisp. I start looking around for a tree! I didn't even have any rope just a garden hose! Luckily the next storm was not as bad as the first and was over very quickly. I tell you had I felt that trailer shift to much I woulda ran outside and grabbed a tree maybe i REALLY AM crazy! I dont know! LOL What would you have done??

  Finally the power came back on and things returned to normal, it is still very windy tonight and I look forward to seeing what the moon is going to look like.
SO that was my day! How was yours? What would you have done? Am I truly crazy for wanting to chance it with the trees? LMAO!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surveys, Freebies and Coupons O my!

Here are a few sites that will pay you to take surveys and or sample products!

Synovate *limited time*

Toluna I believe they are looking for young men at the moment! They pay $3 a survey Great for college kids!

Survey Panel Group This one is new to me I will be signing up today!

Here is a couple Freebie sites I am signed up with!

Free Flys

FREE chips & Queso @ Chili's

$2.99 Quiznos small sub and FREE cookie!

Last if you shop online a lot (like me) Get PAID to do so!

Ebates! Get Cash back for Shopping!

Monday, April 11, 2011

FREE 8x10 canvas

Just pay shipping (I think its $14) OR save $50 on a bigger pic! I am going to take advantage of this deal after my friend is married in may! I think that would be a great gift for her!  Click HERE to get yours!!

Deals for moms!

Hey guys! Here are some great websites for moms! They have great deals on stuff for moms, babies and kids!



Vista Print 100 mommy card for only $1.99!!

CUTE kid contest!! Winner gets $25,000!
This expires May 19th!

40 FREE prints from York Photo!

Hey guys! Do you have a ton of digital photos on your computer that you wish you had hard copies of?  If so click HERE and order 40 FREE prints fromYork Photo's ! Just pay shipping which is $2.95 (or it was for me!)  Here is a pic of the pics i ordered. lol! (and some other freebies i got that day :)  I will say these were shipped fast! and i was so happy to have pics of me and the kitties to send my niece!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stacking coupons and MORE!!!

Hey guys and gals!

Alot of you have asked me about stacking coupons So i figured i would post you up something! :O
Although I am SURE i do not know everything myself yet! but i do know the basics!

                                          *****Stacking Coupons 101*****

1. Read and print out your store's coupon policy if they have one. ( keep this in the back of your binder!)
2. Call your local grocery store, CVS, wal greens, target ETC Ask them do they take competitors coupons and if so who's.
 3. You have to ask the who b/c for some area's (like mine) Another store is only considered a competitor if they are in the  same shopping center etc.  Lucky for me my publix and Target are in same shopping center and publix will take target's coupons!
4. You can use one manufacturer's coupon and one store coupon, you can use several different store's coupons as long they accept them. Say one manufacturer's one store ( the store your shopping in) and one competitor's coupon.

Like this week my publix has Wishbone salad dressing on bOgO for $2.91.  I have 2 .40¢ off one manufacturer coupons and 2 $1.50 off 2 Target coupons. I can use all 4 coupons on the 4 bottles I am buying. So all 4 are total $2.02 or .50¢ a piece!!!

                                            *****Don't forget your rain check!*****
 If they are sold out of an item that is on sale and you have good coupons! Or a great rebate or ECB. Like tonight  my CVS was out of the Complete contact solution which is *$8.99 but gave you  $8.99 in ECB's! So was free! So I asked could i get a rain check on the item and the ECB's and they said yes! How sweet!

                                             *******PLAN YOUR TRIP******
I have said before how important it is to take the time to plan your trips!! I can tell by my question that some of you have alot of time and some do not. Either way i suggest you check The Krazy Coupon Lady's blog for your deals!  Not only does she spell it out store by store she gives you links to any printed coupons and the date the coupons needed came out in the paper. (This is VERY helpful when shopping for coupons at as her's are listed by paper dates!)  This is the very MINIMUM you should do a week to be able to save decently.  I saved $246.32 dollars just the week between publix and CVS was that worth the day i spent planning my trip? HELL YEA!!

  I know what your thinking " Did she say a DAY?" Yep I did I start my day @ The Krazy Coupons Lady's page, Then i go to my local stores pages and look at the circulars (now by local i mean that Publix and Winn Dixie are both like 35 mins from me BUT saving $124 by going there def pays for the gas!!)  If you are unsure of  what stores are near you go to the yellow pages and put your city and zip in and search grocery stores! Once there i check for weekly deals and i match my coupons up with those deals and i order coupons if needed. I also go to the competitors site and see do they have any coupons i can print off to stack with my manufacturer coupons.  I write up my list ( I use this 2 store  lists from Money saving mom b/c its just easier  BUT you use w/e you have on hand)  I do this for Publix, Winn Dixie, CVS, and Dollar general. I take the coupons that will be used for each store out of my binder and into an envelope ( i use the same envie every week and i always still have my binder in the car or Recently i have taken it in with me since i know my stores are nice)  So yeah thats alot of time I invest in it! START SMALL if you only have an hour a week check KCL's Blog and go from there. I will tell you that you will have to go thru her older posts b/c she does so many stores her front page fills up fast!

                *****DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ORDER COUPONS ONLINE!!*****
**Disclaimer: You do not actually buy the coupons as that is illegal instead you pay for someone to clip them a "handling" fee**

  I seriously can NOT say this enough. I noticed on the question i posted that there is a few of you that do not know how, I will address that in a minute. but FIRST i want to address the "I don't see the point" crowd. Guys I implore you to give clipping services a chance the savings you get from them is unbelievable! I will give you a set of trustworthy sites you can order from that I myself order from all the time!
  Let me give you an example of why buying coupons online is worth it. DO you like pasta? How many different dinners can you make with pasta? I LOVE pasta and i can make alot of different stuff with it! So when i saw my local Publix had Mueller's pasta BOGO for $2.39 So i immediately  went and bought 20 $1 off coupons from lorihas3ids for $1!! ( most of hers are $1 for 20 but not all!) So that is a savings of $19 bucks! I bought 20 boxes of pasta this morning that will not expire until 2013. (But i also donate a portion to neighbors who have fell on hard times)  and YES all this pasta WILL be ate before it expires!!

 Another great example is the Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets that I am going to give half of to you guys thru giveaways. I bought 20 coupons $1 They are good on ANY size! At Wal-mart the trail size is .97¢  And wal-mart now gives you overage for coupons so I made .03 on each one i bought which totaled .60 Each packet has 2 sheets so that is 40 loads of laundry I could do for .40¢!!!!!!!!!   Does this making buying coupons more attractive to you?

If you do not know how to order coupons all you do is go to one of the sites listed below and browse around, most take debit or CC Some though take PayPal. I prefer PayPal I just feel its more secure. Also VERY important!! Try to find a clipping service close to you!!  If you live in VA and order from someone in Wa state do not be surprised if they do not get there until the sale is over!  I live in AL and order from people in FL it usually takes 3 days to get to me. 4 max. Also sometimes the mail just goes slow, even if the seller mails same day the mail can drag out the delivery.

I would like to point out that i do NOT i repeat do NOT get paid to promote any sites,  I just post sites I use and like and trust! (I know you can make a little spare change promoting sites on blogs I think if i ever did that  i would donate it to a charity like St. Jude's b/c that is truly a magical amazing place!)

Coupon clipping services I use:  based in FL based in FL  EBAY! is everywhere!!

eBay is so awesome you can just search coupons or very specific coupons   Like 3 in 1 purex sheet coupons
Now eBay may be a little higher b/c you are bidding and such. But right now there are stacks of 20 of these coupons on eBay for $4.00.  Thats 40 loads of laundry done for $4.00!!!!!!  ((LOL I timed out to go buy a set when I saw that!! True story!))

                                                ***Did you say 20 boxes of pasta???***

Stockpiling is quickly becoming a dirty word thanks to the show! lol  But look at a stock pile for what it really is. It's back up, it's your safety net if anything happens. More and more people are losing jobs and homes every day. If you can buy 20 boxes of pasta for 20¢ today and use/store it Why wouldn't you? Do you need to go out and buy 50 coupons and get 100 boxes. . .um maybe not! (unless you have like alot of kiddo's :) B/c you know that the sale on that pasta will come back around in a few months and if you need more you can buy it then! Did I need to buy all that herbal essence just b/c i could get for 50¢ a bottle? Probably not but you know what I have some family birthdays rolling around and i can throw some of that herbal essence in a basket or gift bag and it is a nice gift someone will really enjoy and i got it for hardly nothing! (not that they need to know!!) Plus Let's face it even as we head into summer we know Christmas is coming! Do you really want to spend 100's even 1000's again this year on Christmas presents?

                                                  ***They just don't get it***

If your partner is resistant to couponing or just doesn't under stand it, you need to pick a week to spend extra time deal hunting and getting coupons and take them to the store with you! Especially if you figure you can save $50-$100 ((or more!!) bucks it makes an impact! As far as getting your partner to understand or go along with a little stockpiling well, hopefully something I said today will help you to better be able to find a way to make it appeasing and worth while. I know for myself  I started my stock pile with free stuff like the gain when the $3 off coupon was floating around.  Or getting stuff for free at walmart. Who cares I came home with a bag of stuff we didn't need? ITS FREE and I will need or use it in some way! How can anyone argue with Free or almost free? Of course I am what people call "feisty" I guess and I don't take no crap or listen to any lip from a  man no matter how in love I am! LMAO!! If i know what I am doing is right and makes sense that is enough for me!

I hope this helps you guys get going better. I know I am new myself and some of you may have tips or suggestions to add. Please feel free to do so in the comments below. Also comment on any Questions you may have I will gladly help all i can!

 As always forgive my typo's and I apologize for writing like a crazy woman!


EDIT: I noticed after this posted that none of the *** headers I had done lined up, I decided to leave it that way! Charming no? lol

Monday, April 4, 2011

Who the hell is This Tigs person?

The basics:
My name is Michelle but most call me Tigs these days.
I am female in my 30's 
No kids 1 cat (who is AWESOME!) 

I type so badly it has been dubbed it's own language by my friends "Tiggish" If you have a problem with this you should probably leave now. I am working on it but I will not be policed for how i spell or type! 

Due to a VERY old lady T-boneing my car a few years ago, which even with a seat belt on left a chunk of my  head in the windshield I have a VERY bad memory!! Please never take it personal that i forget things alot!

Do you like me ever wonder about the people that run these pages on Facebook? Why do they do it? What are they like? Are they nice? Do they care about their fans or just trying to get theirs? Will they help me if I ask? 

I wonder these things maybe I am the only one maybe I am not, If you care to know about me I will tell you. I have not lived an ordinary life by far, but that story will be left for my book I plan to write one day :P I will instead tell you how I got here spending my days running a FB page and hunting down crazy deals. 

 Four years ago I was living in Blackburg VA.  It is an awesome college town home to VA Tech!  It is truly the sweetest town I have ever lived in. I worked as a baker downtown, and loved my job very much! It gave me access to a lot of the kinds of people i enjoy spending time with.  Being the awesome baker and person I am :P I made alot of friends very fast!  Constant dinner parties, keggers lol, scavenger hunts that ended in me having one side of my hair lopped off! :)  I  never got the chance to go to college instead I had went to a 2 year culinary school, so I had never experience college life. It truly is the best years I think! 

Then Monday April 16th 2007 the VA Tech shootings happened, now it wasn't until 2 years later when my baby sister passed away suddenly that i realized the impact the shootings had on me. I shut down I lost a dear friend that day her name was Julia it was the first time i had ever lost someone close to me. We were not bff's, we did not see each other every day, but she always made an effort to stop by the bakery or apt and see me hang out give me kool books to read. Many times we sat on the lawn having lunch. I eventually had to quit my job at the bakery, It was just to painful I would swear to you that I often caught Julia out of the corner of my eye in the bakery all the time. 

 This lead to a dark time I guess you could say. I moved to Oklahoma didn't work, only left the house to go grocery shopping. After a year in OK my baby sister Heather passed away very suddenly, in her sleep, she was only 29 and has a daughter not even in her teens yet. Devastated is an understatement. I could never explain to you what that did to me on this blog or face to face I will only say a piece of me is gone now that I will never get back, the guilt I have for not being there the last year of her life is something I still struggle with. 
 So back to Oklahoma for another year of not working, not going no where and gaining about 75 pounds.  So locked inside my head i could not see or ear anything. After a year of that, One of the first days of spring, I was sitting on my couch with the patio door open and a breeze came across my face bringing in the smell of spring I stood up right then and knew i had to leave Oklahoma, that enough time had been spent wallowing in regret and self-pity. So I left eventually moving to Alabama where I am now.

Thru this time of withdrawal from life there was really only one person I talked to, Andi, She was always there for me she helped me so much after my sister passed, Gently and sometimes rough with her sharp tongue, and quick wit, she helped pull me out of the darkness, Andi and I have never met in real life, we met thru Facebook gaming and hit it off at once. It is amazing how close to someone you have never seen face to face, Every day i was laughing out loud, tears rolling down my cheeks, my boyfriend would come in and say "What are you and Andi up to now?"  Again I can not  describe what she meant to me. 

 Last Oct Andi took her own life 20 mins after trying to reach me on yahoo messenger. Even typing that brought me to a jarring abrupt stop. I want to say now about my dear friend that she had recently been put on some new medicine, I will always believe in my heart it was this medicine that caused her to do this. You know I saw a commercial the other night for a joint pain medication that had suicidal thoughts as a side effect. REALLY? ( anyway thats a debate for another time)  It goes with out saying that this was a devastating loss. To put it in perceptive of how close Andi and I were w/o ever meeting, her husband and daughter did not even  say anything on Facebook about her passing until personally talking to me.  Everyone in our lives knew what we meant to one another. Needless to say I begin to loose any and all progress that I had made,  again I lost a piece of me, again i am wracked with guilt, How could i forget yahoo that day? How of all the days in all my life. 

 At the first of this year I made a promise to myself to pull myself up by the shoe straps and get on with my life,No one I have lost would want me to live my life in pain and regret. It has been a slow hard progress I will not lie But I am making progress. I have a good life I do my best to appreciate that. 

 I have always enjoyed helping people, Growing up my home burned down 3 times, I learned quick that what material possessions you have are here today and gone tomorrow, they mean nothing and are easily replaced. It is only your relationships you create with others that last and have any real meaning.  After watching Extreme couponing on TLC It reminded me how much i used to love couponing! I do not know how or when i got away from using coupons But i do know this about couponing,  That it has the power to change peoples lives for the better. We are living in very tough times. People need help. I have always had very good organizational skills, I make a great manager. After doing this a few times I was like I can not keep this to myself I have to tell people. 

So that is what brought me to create my Fb page. It was began only to help my friends people I knew I never thought it would grow at all, but I am very happy to see it grow. I love talking to you guys, interacting like with my give aways,the enjoyment I get back is well worth the stamp and envelope to send you a few coupons! I am still learning myself  thats why I made the page so we could learn together.  Have somewhere it's ok to ask the so called "dumb questions"  I am even at the point now I am thinking of making a true business out of this one day. Teaching people how to shop and save money, to have a better quality of life.  I am pretty sure if i invested the time it would succeed. Not only could I make it my employment by maybe having classes or what not but I would meet new people which I love to do, but I will be able to truly help them. Helping people gives me a sense of worth I guess, Like my life has a meaningful purpose. 

I desire very much for the page to be more than just a place to post deals, but to be more, somewhere we can help and support each other,  Meet new friends, Help each other win contests and save money, share deals, sales, coupons you may find! My wall is always open to you guys! s long as I never get alot of spam it always will be! Thank you for being in my life! I appreciate you guys so much! I have locked myself up so tight, talking and interacting with you helps so much and means the world to me especially considering I still am living like a shut it. >.< It WILL get better this I know! 

 If you have made it this far you are indeed a special person! I hope my typos did not burn your eyes to bad! 
So that is why I am here. Thank everyone for being here as well! Soon we will all be Coupon Queens and maybe even make some friends along the way!


(Michelle Hensley)


Yes this is a emo pic but one of the few I actually like :P

You can tell this was written almost a year ago when I could not even imagine having 1,000 fans!
Much less the almost 10k I have now! THANK YOU SO MUCH!



OK This is how this will work! Alot of freebies require you to refer a certain number of friends to get the freebie. The one going around currently is for No More rack free pair of stud earrings!  I came up with this for us to be able to help each other on the page and not have to bother friends who really are not that into it!

The rules are:
1. Post your link in the comments.

2. click someone else's * i am going to use my spam email to help also besides just my personal one*

3. Once you reach the quota you need come back here and DELETE your comment.

4. If i catch people trying  to abuse this system and leaving comments up just to milk more credits than needed from the freebie I will delete/ block you from here and my FB page!!  Be nice and play fair we are all in the same boat and should help each other achieve the goals we want to reach!!

5. I will update and edit this original post for every new freebie of this nature I find, if you find one let me know here or on my FB page!

I have had some questions about commenting I am not sure what teh problem is. I suggest you make sure you activated your subscription via your email, if you have done that and still can not post please leave me a comment on my FB page!

Thanks for all that do this I thought hard to try to find a way for us to help one another like this!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tig's guide for beginer Couponers

A question was posed to me tonight "What are the basic first steps to being a sucessful coupon lady.  This is what I have learned so far thru my own personal experience!

  Start small and work your way up, Buy 2 papers every Sunday that way you are not over whelmed with coupons. Also so that you have two coupons in case of BOGO sale!
*Edit 8/18/11 Of course now I order inserts every week from Krazy Inserts! LOVE HER! lol* You have to start a stockpile of inserts, There are two main ways to store your coupons
 1. Get a binder and clip your coupons every week and put them in the binder organized by items or dates. 
2. DO not clip your coupons and file the whole inserts by week. This is a good method as well as binder because almost all match-up sites give you the date for coupon needed! 
  Get a binder early!! It is so much easier to organize a few coupons as opposed to a lot! I am still working on mine i have so many coupons.

  TO really save with coupons takes an investment of time, you have to be able to check a few blogs especially on wed and sat. I will post the links to the best deals here and facebook.  I do not write match-ups myself I just do not have the time right now as I prepare to move. My personal favorite is The Krazy Coupon Lady! She always has the weekly deals posted as well as great beginner guides. 

  You also have to have time once a week to plan your trip. check your local circulars either on line or thru mail. 

  Match your coupons with your sales, if you don't NEED it wait it may be on sale next week :) I already do not buy much outside of meat and fresh veggies w/o a coupon LOL!

  Do not be afraid to buy coupons online!!!! I use If I want extra coupons for an item!
They are located  in FL though so keep that in mind if you live on the west coast!!

I also have used Ebay! Search coupons or a specfic one!