Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FREE Pre-paid American Express card! I got mine!!

OK Let's talk money! 
Are you like me and do not have a bank acct?
Do you wish  for an easier way to pay your bills online?
DO you want a way to help teach your children the value of money?
To help your children learn money management?
Have you ever passed up on a Freebie 
b/c it required a CC# to verify you are a REAL PERSON?
Sadly this is sometimes a fact of the freebie world!
For me honestly it does NOT bother me for 2 reasons.
1. I have NEVER been charged for having to 
use a CC to verify who I am!
and 2. b/c it helps to keep abuse down!
I mean seriously how many times have you went for a freebie,
and it is GONE like 2 seconds after going live?
Only to see people post I got 3 or 5 or what ever!
*grrr shakes fist*
Here is a perfect FREE solution to all of the above!
You are allowed THREE per house hold!
So enough for you and your children if you wish!
Great way to handle allowance and get them used to a debit card!
Or use it to pay bills online if you do not have a bank acct!
This is why I originally ordered mine, 
once I move I HOPE to be able to start 
a credit union acct and have a debit card!                  
SO for now I am keeping this card empty and using it online when 
I need to verify who I am by CC. B/c they can not take money not there!
No FEAR of EVER being charged!!! and still score your freebies 
from company's like NO more rack, and more!
(I have had to use CC several times to get a freebie BUT
I can not think of what sites it was right now! lol
I will update post when I do!) 
This is one FREEBIE I would not pass up on!
You never know when it will come in handy! 
ugh OK here let me share this embarrassment with you. . .
As you know I am moving so I have been calling around 
trying to get the best deal on cable/internet
Well I started with Direct TV b/c my ex has them now where we live 
and they are pretty awesome! 
GREAT customer loyalty programs and discounts!
So I am talking to the guy about what is available 
and then comes the dreaded
"Please give me your SS# so we can see what you QUALIFY for"
I was So scared!! You guys know what a nice person I am right?
Well i never even had a chance to have good credit
(For a TOTALLY FREE way to monitor your credit
That I myself use go HERE!)
Because at 18 I let several friends get 
their lights and phones in my name!
Needless to say I was stuck with the bills and i refused to pay!
SO for years and years I have been cash and carry only!
ANYWAY They ran my credit and it was OK!!
I qualified for all these FREE bonus's like free DVR
Free movie pack and so on. 
SO the guy is like we just need a credit/debit card 
put a hold of $1 against to secure this deal  . . . 
I of course had none and it would NOT take my serve card!!
I was devastated but thought 
ok I will go to walmart get one call you back!
The walmart card is a joke! $3 and $3 every time you load it!
But I got it and when i called back they ran my credit again 
This time I do NOT know what happened but all of a sudden 
I have to pay a $200 deposit!! Again DEVASTATED!
not having a card cost me a great deal! I am now with comcast 
I did not have to pay a deposit BUT 
my bill is TWICE as high as it would have been
with direct TV and I do not even get all the free stuff they offered!
Lesson Learned! lol As you can see below I myself have this card!
Yes you have to put in your SS# this is required now  for any type 
debit/credit or pre paid card since 9/11
To ensure terrorist do not have ways to transfer money!
But the site is SECURE! I mean its American express!
SO do not let this freebie pass you by!
You will never regret it and you have NOTHING to loose by getting it!!

My card!! WOOT!

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  1. We've had DirecTV and Comcast, and I would prefer Comcast over DirecTV any day. We got DirecTV, and due to sights unseen, were only able to have it for 4 months before moving. We put it on hold until we were living on our own again. If we didn't move before a specified time frame, they would start up our services again, and we would be paying for not using it. Plus, there's the cancellation fee to break the 2 year contract. When we moved again, we made sure to find a place that didn't have signal. That way we got out of our contract for free rather than being stuck with a cancellation fee. Anytime we had to deal with DirecTV, it was a joke. Comcast there's no contract to break, you still get to record 2 shows, or watch 1 show and record 1, and there's no break of shows if there's a storm that blocks your signal for satellite. Idk, just a preference. We pay $60 for comcast for internet and 1 tv with DVR, and paid more than that wit DirecTV with just the tv. Again, just a preference.