Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New offer from American Express!!

We live in the world of Plastic, 
There is no way of getting around this!
Here is a perfect way to get your teens ready
for the 'real world'
and it is TOTALLY FREE!
Some bonus's to this card are:
   * It's a safer way for teens to spend their money.
   * Lost or Stolen? you won't be responsible
 for fraudulent charges and AMEX will replace your funds.
    *No overspending. No risk of overdraft fees
and it can't impact your teens credit.
    *You choose when to add funds,
and you can track activity by accessing the card online.
  * There's an option to set-up alerts on the balance.
    *Teens can also track their balances either online or via text messages.
    *(PASS card also entitles your teen to have Roadside Assistance from AMEX.
Click Banner below to get started!!
(Looking for one your self?
I got mine!!  You can go HERE to get one!!)

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