Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tigs tips for getting freebies!

Hey guys and gals! I thought it time to post some tips 
and helpful advice for getting freebies 
with out using ALL your personal info! 

Almost all freebies require an email address! 
I use a separate one from my main acct 
to help keep my main acct clear of spam
if you have trouble remembering I suggest adding freebie 
to the email name you already use!
like if you use sarah101@gmail
make one that says Freebiesarah101@gmail
you get the idea! NOW I suggest you STILL check this email weekly!
B/c if you win a FB contest or anything notice is sent there! PLUS
I use this to sign up to EVERY newsletter I post as well a online stores!
I like window shopping and some of these news letters I post have great ideas! 
You should never miss one :P

Alot of freebies want a Phone number!
I NEVER give out my number! EVER!! Even for major contests!!
I use Google Voice! It is like a real number and any messages go to your email
and you can check it there! it is a FREE service!
You can get Google voice HERE

Now some freebies DO require a CC to get. 
Like No More rack and other sites.
I have NEVER been charged for a freebie that needed a Credit card!
BUT I understand your hesitation!
Let me explain that this is so they can verify you are a real person!
and people do not exploit the system!
How many times have you  seen someone comment 
"I got 5 of these" When you could not even get ONE!
People are SO greedy! Having to use a CC# prevents this!
Right now you can get a prepaid card from American express for FREE!
There are NO fees PERIOD!  Unlike the walmart money card I got!
That thing was $3 and cost $3 to put money on UGH!
This is also a great card for anyone like myself that does not have a bank acct!
Even if you NEVER put money on it, once it is activated you 
can use it to get your freebies with NO fear of EVER being charged!
and if you do put $$ on it you will still never be charged for a freebie,
that is posted on MY page! I can not speak for ALL bloggers!
To get this FREE card go HERE

Ok lastly and this is secret and something I personally do
if you do not want to that is fine! But this is just the sad fact of the world we live in!
Ever notice some freebies ask your income? 
and you do not qualify if you are below a certain amount??
Like that big sample box last summer
You had to make 50k a year just to get a box of FREEBIES!
I think that is in INSANE!!
that is why I have no problem always putting I am rich! 
like 50k is min I will put for any thing that asks my income!
You may think bad of me for 'lying' but I think it is a disgrace
that you have to be RICH to get stuff for FREE!!
So i firmly stand behind what I am saying and do it myself!
AS ALWAYS I sign up for EVERYTHING I promote on my site!!
I do it BEFORE I post so I know what is needed, if it is spammy and what not!
So you can always trust that from me I give you my word!

I will update this post as I come up with new ideas!
Any suggestions are appreciated!
<3 Tigs <3
There is a list HERE for newbie freebie hunters! 
Over 30 freebies! If one or 2 are expired let me know
I try to keep it up to date but it is not easy! LOL!

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