Tuesday, January 24, 2012

30 FREE samples to sign up for! :D

Here are some samples still available if you are new to freebies!
Even if you are a pro may be some here you missed!
Just click each pic for links!
There is SO many here I did not give details on each one!
I advise that once on the page you decide for your self if you want the sample or not! :)
never give out your home number  I use Google voice! it is FREE
Sign up for that HERE!
AND As Always I advise everyone to set up a secondary email address just for your samples!
I would still check this email often though! :)

Thanks for alot of these to Sample Showcase!


  1. Thanks for this!!! Love free samples :)

  2. Yes but u have to give google ur phone number first, does it send to ur phone? I've got a prepaid plan so I don't want to pay extra $