Saturday, January 21, 2012

The price of unethical bloggers. . .

As many of you know, there is a problem in the coupon blogging world.
The biggest problem is people who 
CHOOSE to blog about and promote fraud!
Most recent is the P&G scandal where a lady posted
 she used coupon decoding 
to buy hundreds of dollars worth of products illegally.
Using coupons in the same family as the product but 
not what was written ON the coupon.Example: 
using a $10 Crest white strips coupon on a tube of crest toothpaste.
How does this effect you? Every time you go into a store and 
have been made to feel like crap because you coupon,
 think of these people. 
When your coupons are looked over, you are asked 100 questions, embarrassed, 
think of these blogs! I do not think coupons will EVER go away, but
they will continue to get stricter and stricter. 
Stuff like the P&G deal are WHY all the barcodes 
are changing currently, 
which as some of you know is causing even more trouble in the stores 
because the cash registers can not be updated fast enough!
There is also a deal going around right now (1/21/12) with this coupon that is fraud!

This coupon Clearly states Save $15 on 14ct or larger NicodermCQ
Nicorette Gum, lozenges or mini lozenges 72 ct or higher.
YET blogs post to use it on the 20ct gum 
and when it is pointed out to them that 
this is not proper use of this coupon, 
instead of retracting the post they DEFEND IT!
To someone new this coupon IS confusing, 
but it is not meant to be used on 20ct gum.
They even said so on their official FB in a comment to a fan question.

How does this effect me as a blogger? Honestly it makes up all look bad! 
I work really hard to promote only legit deals, 
even if it means I am not posting
as much as other bloggers or making as much money.
If you do not know by now MOST bloggers do 
make money when you print coupons ETC
Read here to find out more about MY experience with this.
You can also read about my personal journey here.
I know most of my fans are honest people, 
who want to coupon the correct way,
and would be appalled knowing they are helping 
such dis honest people make even MORE money.
I am not by NO means telling you to solely support me!
there are LOTS of ladies and gents out in the coupon blogging world
that do it a lot better than I do and are honest hard working people.
I just ask you be careful who you do support.
Coupon fraud is a serious offense! it can get you put in jail with 
HUGE fines!
I realize I have grown quite much since I first started this blog, 
soon I will have a official page even!
I have gained many fans since i made my first 
how to coupon correctly posts.
I will fix that problem and have new revised guidelines up very soon!

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  1. Well said! I am just learning how to coupon properly, and I for one will not do anything illegal and I am appalled that so many people are willing to make it rough for the honest folks.
    Great blog entry!!!