Saturday, November 12, 2011

A promise made

 A few months ago when I decided to start using my blog more
I made A promise
To never use my blog for time sensitive freebies.
I have noticed lately this promise has come at a price.
The price is you can not even see my links!!
(See pic below)

So now i have to think right!
How can I stop this AND keep my promise?
b/c my word is VERY important to me!
So this is the solution I have come up with!
I hope this will not only fix this problem but 
also keep my promise and you guys will be happy
with me and know you can always have a direct link
to a timed freebie on my page!
I will post there is a freebie in my status BUT
i will put the link in the first comment like this
(see pic below)
I hope this is OK with everyone!
Just let me know!
This is the best solution I can come up with!
If you have suggestions PLEASE SHARE!!

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