Thursday, December 1, 2011

Made in America Challenge!

I was watching the news last night, they said the AVERAGE person 
spends $700 over the holidays on gifts! 
Now I will not spend nearly that much! 
More like $70 max for me! For everyone it is different.
I often hear people complain about the current state of our economy.
Lack of jobs, and asking why our Govt. sends SO much money over seas,
to other nations while so many of us here in America suffer.
If you worry about these things, or ask your self the same question,
I ask You to put that question to yourself! 
How much money do YOU send overseas when you purchase items?
they Also said on the news that if we spend just $64 on ONE
American Made product we could create over 200,000  NEW JOBS!!!
Awesome huh??? :D 

I am not trying to be political or anything, I just think that we can make a difference
one purchase at a time!! 
and IF these are issues that bother you to then Please 
Go HERE for more Info!

*I know not all of my fans are in the USA, If you are not then this post does not apply to you.
I encourage you though no matter WHERE you live, to BUY LOCAL!* 

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