Sunday, February 5, 2012

Totally FREE items from Vita cost! NO SHIPPING!

Seems they are sold out of the cheaper vitamins that allow you to order
extra items! there is still some vitamins you can get by them selves
totally free and your 2 samples!

This is open to NEW members! Share your own links to earn extra credit!
Go HERE to get your $10 credit!
once you have your code click professional line products
then Free shipping items! (search low to high) 
This will be totally FREE But you will still have to enter a CC #
paypal option will not work for this deal!
                                       YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED
as long as your total order is NOT over $10!!
I have ordered from Vitacost plenty!
even getting future prizes for you guys from them!

Right now certain vitamin products at vitacost come with FREE shipping if you 
purchase one of them!
You can get a FREE credit by signing up HERE!
They will email you a promo code that will have to be applied at check out!

These are the 2 cheapest items i can find!
So order which ever you like any left over money from the $10 credit
can be used to order a few pieces of Candy for Valentines 
or even  a Burts bee's soap, or LIP balm!
Just search burts bees after you  place the vitamins in your cart!

Plus do not forget to add your 2 FREE samples to your order!
Just scroll down teh left hand side bar until you see samples!

So go HERE and sign up to get your credit!

Thanks Hip2save

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