Friday, February 3, 2012

An Update from Tigs :)

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you well!
I wanted to give you guys an update on 
what is going on with me currently!
As many of you know I will be moving soon!
Around the 3rd week of march! Back to VA!
MY home state! I will be there at least a year 
as I promised my nephew I would!
Currently I am in Al, in the country, 
with satellite internet that is SLOW and limited to what I can use!
Also living in the country means I have quite a drive to do any shopping!

Now I was asked recently why I do not do match ups
I never really have, mainly due to my internet problems.
I can not promise you that once I move I will do them all the time.
I feel every other blog does them, and I know no one follows JUST me! :)
What I can say is this! 
I will be in the heart of a bigger city when I move!
With CVS, Walgreens, Kroger ALL within walking distance!
SO a few times a week I will be going to see what is on sale/clearance
Match it w/ coupons for you guys!
I will even take pics w/ my new ipad you guys helped me win! 
So you will be much better updated to what is going on!

I was also asked why I never show pictures of my shopping anymore.
This again is b/c I am moving soon.
I mean it is a 10 hour trip. . .
Who wants to move a stock pile!?!? LMAO!
I have basics stocked up like beauty products.
But no need to move food really.
I am sorry my lack of shopping has affected my blogging!
I have tried very hard to stay up on most deals and post them for you!
I can not wait to be moved and back to serious couponing!
I want to stock pile for my family and friends.
I will not be building a huge personal stockpile myself lol
A year goes quick! After that I am off out West!

The best news is by the time I move. . .
It is going to be awesome!!
I know you guys are going to love it!
I want to surprise you guys so I will not say much!
You will be able to log into it though! :D 
Use your freebie email! ahahah

On a personal note, this move is really huge for me.
The freedom is something I long for.
Sink or Swim time
I hope I am able to find a job, even part time.
I will be focusing on this, my blog, my page
much more as well though. 
It will be all the income I have at first :)
Of course even as we all must survive in this world
Money is not my driving focus for doing this. 
One day I would like to help charities with this blog.
But one day at a time! 
I love interacting with you guys, 
making new friends,
seeing you make new friends. 
all of us saving a ton of money! 
This year is going to be GREAT!!!
I am so excited for all to come!
Thank you for being here!


  1. Good luck with your move. I love your page and you are awesome!

  2. That's awesome! You are braver than me. Good luck.

  3. So happy for you! Good luck with your move!