Wednesday, April 18, 2012

*GONE*My next step in Credit Rebuilding!

I am really happy to have come across this offer from Orchard Bank!
Just Monday I was talking to one of my friends about
how I just started a bank acct and I am trying hard to rebuild my credit. 
He told me to try to get a low balance Credit card.
Like maybe $500 limit or something, He even mentioned 
Orchard Bank! :D Then I find it today! YAY!
So as the next step in trying to rebuild my credit
I am going to apply myself! Even if I do not get it 
I figure it will help me figure out where I am at and all!
If you to are trying to rebuild your credit,
you can apply also just click banner below! 
Nothing lost by trying! and just so you knwo this is
a BIG step for me I have NEVER had a CC in my life :D
But I really want to get my credit together
so I can better be there for my niece and nephews!


  1. This is great! I need to re-build my credit...but should I pay off debt first?
    Would this be a good card for someone who wasn't approved for a credit card because of not enough credit? (my boyfriend)

    1. They pulled the offer for now but you can still find it through google! and yes that is exactly what this card is for!!