Monday, April 23, 2012

Recipe! Strawberry (or any berry) Cobbler! EASIEST EVER!

*Please Note*
I used a cast iron skillet here
But I normally use a baking dish
9x9 or if i want it bigger i have used a 9x13
baking dish! 

Look what I just made! 
Strawberry cobbler with strawberries 
from farmer's market!
this recipe is SO easy!!
We call it cuppa cuppa cuppa cobbler
B/c You will need
1c. Sugar
1c. Flour
1c. Milk
Tablespoon of butter
Your favorite fruit
I usually use a few cups
Wash and cut fruit.
put a few pats of butter in bottom of your baking dish
add fruit
Mix together the Milk, Sugar, and Flour
Pour that mixture over fruit
ad a few more pats of butter on to
bake @ 350 for about 30 mins!
Easy Dessert!

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