Monday, May 14, 2012

Easy Sausage Gravy!

You will need:
1lb of Sausage 
1/3-1c of flour
salt& pepper
Chopped Garlic
2-3 cups of milk(or water)

You can also add onions 
or use hamburger in stead of sausage
If you use hamburger though I would use water not milk to make the gravy! 

First Brown Sausage. add salt, pepper and garlic

Do not drain Grease!  Toss flour on sausage in parts.
You just want to use enough flour to coat the meat and 
soak up the fat!

Add Milk also in parts until you get desired Consistency!
You can add more later if you need to!
If your gravy does not thicken up 
Mix some flour and water together
and pour in.
*DO NOT* add flour straight to mixture,
once you start adding milk!
that will make it LUMPY! :(

This is more of an eye it type recipe as 
opposed to strict ingredient list.
The more you make it the better you can t
ell how much flour/milk you need.
I used to put WAY to much flour lol
was so bad :P

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