Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get paid to try netflix! :D

As you guys know I have been a member over
at Plum District for quite a while now!
I have scored SO MANY great deals! 
How Plum District works:
They sell vouchers to different online stores,
and LOCAL stores near you! 
They are usually for atleast half off!
This is a screen shot from my account.

as you can see I have shopped here often! :d
I even got so excited once I bought 2 of 
the same voucher by mistake :D
One email is all it took to get it straight and my money refunded!
Great customer service!

Right now they have a plum steal where they will
give you $15 plum dollars just to try netflix!
Ok I will be honest THIS deal is what made me finally 
sign up for Netflix myself! 

Make sure you are signed into your Plum District acct to get credit!!
Will take 2-4 weeks for credit to show!
I have scored vouchers for $15 before!!
So I really think this will lead to some nice freebies! :D

Click Banner below to get started!
Plum District

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