Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prizes and more (An Update from Tig)

So I am a little behind on sending prizes for the Fan of the week
They will all be sent out this weekend!!
I also am sure you guys have noticed that 
I have less games now.
I thought you deserved an update on this. :)
As many of you know  I recently moved 
from AL to VA to be closer to my family for a bit.
Sadly in 2 months I have only seen them twice,
To be honest I will probably be moving again this fall.
I am going out west on another Grand adventure!
I plan to stay with a friend rent free this summer 
and save up enough cash to go to Cali, OR, Wa and visit friends
I have one job lined up out west
and I may end up staying some where out there.
O am also having a HUGE yard sale this weekend selling all my stuff
that i brought from AL! 
The great news about this is I will be blogging from the road!
I will take you with me on my adventures if you care to go!
I am even going to see what I can get sponsored for this trip!
Like hey someone give me a car to drive from VA to cali with!
:D:D I will blog all about it AHAHAH
I mean a girl can dream cant she!

Ok back to prizes, as many of you know
Facebook has went through alot of changes lately
and it is causing alot of people to not be able to see what I have posted.
which makes it impossible for me to make any money blogging at all.
Living in AL my ex always paid shipping on my prizes.
my mail lady was nice and would take cash 
weigh the packages and bring me the change
YES I realize I was so spoiled in AL
With the move and the HUGE  decrease in pay from blogging
I am unable right now to really have contests like I want to
Unless everyone just wants coupons those are easy to mail!
I knwo alot of you are not here on my page for prizes,
but it is something i truly enjoy doing!
I will do my best to have more giveaways this summer, 
but please bare with me as I deal with all the changes personally and professionally.
I have been trying very hard to find a job out side of blogging
but right now this is the only way I have to support myself at all.
As always THANK YOU for hanging out with me on my page!
It means so much to me!!

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  1. You are going through a lot of transitions but such growth comes at such times. I look forward to living vicariously through your next grand adventure! Best of luck!